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Awesome Things to do in Munnar

Situated in the valley below Ragamaya skirting the reserve forest on the banks of the lake is Manoj’s farm, a second generation farmer whose father migrated here from the plains in search of fertile pastures during the famine that struck Kerala in the middle of the 19th century. This exhilarating drive down to his farm is both enlightening and educational where Manoj introduces you to wide variety of spice plants, Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and other cash crops like coffee and rubber. He also rears the local Kerala cow and goats and explains the advantages of its milk with great clarity. Though a plus 2 pass Manoj’s knowledge and insights into traditional methods and uses of these plants is unbelievable and the hospitality of his young family is very touching. You are sure to return enlightened and content in the knowledge that living off the land in these days of uncontrolled decimation of the environment is still possible

Awesome Things to do in Munnar

Once you shake off the travel-lag, get ready for some action. The Ponmudi lake beckons you with a promise. Board a canoe and paddle away into the breath-taking expanse of the lake. Or if you feel like lazing away your time, take your fishing rod and line and go for angling.

Things to do in Munnar

The rough terrains that surround Ragamaya is sheer dream come true for those who want to go for cycling. Spring on to your bike and pedal up to conquer hillocks and race down through the slopes. Pack some refreshments and lose yourself out to Munnar's mountain tracks. Burn some calories.

activities to do in munnar

Ragamaya places you in the scenic heart of Munnar hills. Embark on a day-long picnic with your loved ones. The View Point, recognised by the Govt. of Kerala, is just a brief stroll away from your guestroom. Walk through virgin slopes and hillocks. Sit a while under the cool shades and dig into the picnic basket for your favourite snack. Walk up to a babbling mountain brook and dip your feet in the fresh, cold water. Keep the memories ever-fresh in your camera or mobile.

trekking in munnar

Surrender to the call of yonder hills and jungles. Get your back pack and gear ready and go for trekking or hiking. Test your grit. Hike up to a hill-top and yell at the distant valleys and floating clouds. Leave a foot print, before you turn your back for the down-trail. Go for trekking into deep woods. Beat a path to discover the hidden mystery of the wilderness. Surprise a leaping rabbit or pack of deer. Catch a glimpse of the wild strength of a lazing bison.

tea plantation view in munnar

Lose out to the amazingly sculptured greenery of the tea plantations. Walk through the tea plants. Try your hand in tea plucking. Walk up to the tea pluckers and start a conversation. Watch how their scissors move in surgical precision. Look at the world from their perspective. Dissolve into the serenity that surrounds you.

things to do in munnar

Be a part of the renowned tea tasting sessions. Try your hand in tea tasting. Take a cup and slurp the liqueur into your mouth. Witness how the taste receptors in your tongue react to the tea. Make a note. Learn how teas coming from various altitudes is blended carefully to arrive at that perfect flavour and strength.

activities to do in munnar

Temples are more than just places of worship. They are the fountain-heads of culture, where devotion, fine art and architecture blend seamlessly. Where relics of a golden past speak mutely to modernity. Take a stroll and pay a visit to the nearby temples. See the divine in human.

temple visits in munnar

To know the soul of a place, one should go to the villages. Ragamaya is surrounded by a dreamy, laid-back village, where people lead a life which is devoid of the complexities of a fast, city life. Roam around the villages. Talk to the village folks. Learn the culture. Share your experiences. Enrich your life.

things to do in munnar

Go all out and enjoy your moments. As you heat up the grill, the surroundings turn more lively. Create a big flavour by cooking slowly. Choose your cuts, pat them dry and grill the steaks to perfection. Bring the steaks to the table and cut them ceremoniously . When the dusk darkens into night, sit in the open air dining area and light the candles. Dig into your favourite dishes and enjoy a great time with your family.

bird watching in munnar

The world of birds is so amazing! How they cross continents, clock thousands of miles to come to a specific place to breed! What instinct drives them? How they face and fare stiff challenges! Take your binos and watch closely the wonderful ways of nature, in the heart of Munnar hills.

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