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Spandini - the Spa

Indian Ayurvedic Sessions and International Spa Indulgence

Luxury Ayurvedic Spa Resort in Munnar

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Some say the universe sustains itself in the harmonious rhythm it creates. Spandini the best Spa resort in Munnar reflects this spirit of harmony in existence. A living relic from a glorious past, Spandini's architectural finesse will take you by surprise. Walk up to the corridor and you'll have a rendezvous with the 64 vital herbs and spices which are the basis of all Ayurvedic formulations. Step inside for a total mind-body-soul experience .

best ayurvedic spa hotel munnar best ayurvedic spa hotel munnar
Here, you can enjoy Indian Ayurvedic sessions and international spa indulgence, including deep tissue and classical Sweedish, Greek milk and wine massages, head and shoulder short massages, facials.
best ayurvedic spa hotel munnar
Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment
At Spandini's Ayurvedic suite, you'll have traditional Ayurvedic treatments like Abhayanga , Kizhi and Vasti. The suites come with steam sauna and attached bathrooms. The twin spa suite with ample privacy is designed for a couple to be together, during a couple-connect therapy like a classical Swedish, deep tissue massage. Or, an aroma body massage. Our guests can enjoy the Jacuzzi spa suite, with or without a therapy session.
luxury ayurvedic spa resort in munnar
luxury ayurvedic spa resort in munnar